Dermatologist Elian Brenninkmeijer

Elian Brenninkmeijer works in the clinic as a cosmetic dermatologist and is also the founder of the clinic. Elian is trained as a doctor and specializes in dermatology. Since then, she has been busy healing the diseased and damaged skin. As a general dermatologist she works at Centrum Oosterwal in Alkmaar. There she treats a wide variety of patients with different skin conditions. Dermato-surgical procedures in the head and neck area are her greatest passion and specialization.

In addition, she has focused on cosmetic dermatology and dermal filler and botox treatments within our clinic. The alternation between curing patients with sick or chafed skin and treating clients who want to work on preventive and positive ageing, gives her enormous satisfaction and balance in her work. In order to promote the quality of cosmetic dermatology in the Netherlands, she founded the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Dermatology (NVCD) in 2016 together with Dr. Peter Velthuis.

Since 2017, Elian has been a global trainer for Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) in injection techniques of dermal fillers and botulinum toxin. In addition, she is an MD Codes™ Expert and gives clinical training and lectures to cosmetic doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists on the application of the MD Codes™. She has several scientific publications to her name on the application of the MD Codes™ and works with the international team of experts on the science and techniques to take cosmetic medical care to the next level.


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