In an extensive consultation, our dermatologist will look together with you at the cause of the problem. We ask about your specific wishes and goals. What facial features do you find disturbing and would you like to see improved after the bra?

Next, the dermatologist performs a complete facial and skin analysis. This involves looking at the conditions of the skin, your appearance, emotional properties and the symmetry, proportions, mimicry and dynamics in the face when the facial expressions differ. Based on your wishes and the analysis, the dermatologist gives an opinion and advice, from which a personal treatment plan follows.

In the revitalization of the face, three structures are worked on step by step:

  • Foundation:restoring the volume loss by bringing back the foundation
  • Contouring: applying tighter lines and contours
  • Refinement: the refined injections, for example, in and around the lips and eyes

Together you determine from the personal treatment plan which codes and problem areas how and when you will treat. What type and amount of filler is needed and what the expected costs are. Before the treatment starts, you will of course have sufficient time to think about making this decision. Do you need a cooling-off period? Then we can also get started right away.

Dermatological treatments

Dermatological consultation: €125,-

Removal benign skin lesions:

Small: €100,-
Middle: €150,-
Large: 300,-

Cancellation policy

Clinic Elian Brenninkmeijer charges consultation costs for a visit to the cosmetic dermatologist. Our rate for a consultation is 100 euros. This amount will be deducted from the costs for a treatment, if you start it with us.  

If you have to cancel your appointment for any reason, do so well in advance, but at least 24 hours before the actual appointment. Then we can fill in the time reserved for you with someone else. Do you cancel the appointment within 24 hours before the treatment or do you not keep the appointment? Then the consultation fee of 100 euros will be charged to you. 

You can cancel or reschedule an appointment by sending a message to

If you would like to cancel by phone. Call 020-2261886 or 06-86823632.