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Praktijk Amsterdam
Gustav Mahlerlaan 635b
1082 MK Amsterdam

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Clinic Dr. Elian Brenninkmeijer has an infection prevention protocol, of which the completion of a questionnaire is a part. We ask that you complete this screening for COVID-19 (coronavirus) prior to your visit to our clinic and return it to us. Do you cough, do you have a fever, sore throat, a cold or a runny nose? Then postpone your appointment for a while. If you have already made an appointment, please contact us directly by telephone or email. Then we will move your appointment.
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Practice Amsterdam (Zuidas)

Gustav Mahlerlaan 635 b
1082 MK Amsterdam

Phone: 020 – 22 61 886

dr. Elian Brenninkmeijer
Medisch specialist
BIG registratie nr: 29064475101