What is Lumecca?

Lumecca is the most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed light) treatment to treat skin aging, pigment and unevenness of the skin. After the treatment, you will notice that the texture and appearance of the skin will improve. The Lumecca provides a comfortable facial treatment through selective photothermolysis.

What are the benefits of Lumecca?

In just 1 to 3 sessions there are visible improvements of;

  • Age spots (red/brown pigmentation)
  • Sun damage
  • Spider veins, wine stains and varicose veins
  • Couperose
  • Rosacea (redness)
  • Skin spots

What areas can be treated?

Lumecca can be applied to all parts of the body. Typically, body parts that are frequently
exposed to sunlight are treated. These include neck, face, décolleté, legs and arms.

What precautions should I take?

Avoid excessive sunbathing and tanning of the skin 1 month before the treatment is to take place.

What can I expect during and after the Lumecca treatment?

During the treatment, the treatment will take place with a bright light. The pulse given feels like a rubber band shooting against the skin. Redness and slight increase in skin temperature are normal after the treatment and usually disappear after an hour. From 24 hours to 48 the pigment spots become darker. In the week after treatment, this diminishes and merges into the normal color of the skin. If veins and/or rosacea are treated using the lumecca, the veins will shrink and disappear completely after a few days.

How many treatments are required?

An improvement of the skin is visible after the first treatment. Multiple treatments show even better results. The treatment procedure depends on skin damage, type of treatment (blood vessels vs sun damage) and energy strength. 

How soon will I see results?

Improvements in sun damage, skin color and evenness are visible several days after treatment. The skin becomes younger and more vital after the Lumecca treatment. Maximum results are visible after 1 to 2 weeks. Multiple photofacial treatments will improve the final result. For (blood) vessel treatments such as spider veins and veins on the legs, results can be achieved from the time of treatment until 2 weeks after treatment.

Are there side-effects?

Most patients do not experience side effects. In a few cases, there is irritation of the skin. This disappears after a few hours. Patients do notice sensitivity to sunlight on the day of treatment. It is therefore wise to avoid sunbathing and tanning the skin.