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In our clinic, we find it important that the products we use during botox and filler treatment fully comply with the latest safety and quality standards. That is why we only choose products with an FDA approval and CE mark. Below you will find an overview of the products we use in our clinic.

For filler treatments with hyaluronic acid, we consciously choose the innovative and high-quality products of the JUVÉDERM® brand from Allergan Aesthetics. This worldwide best-selling brand of hyaluronic acid filler offers a long-lasting effect through their VYCROSS technology. The fillers consist of 100% hyaluronic acid, a body’s own substance that provides our skin with moisture.

JUVÉDERM® has been developed for different application areas and purposes. With the wide range of hyaluronic acid fillers from JUVÉDERM®, the needs and desired results can be almost completely implemented according to the principle of the MD Codes™. This ensures a very natural and optimal result.

Our chin and jawline are very decisive for our appearance. A tight jawline with a chin that is in proportion creates a young and attractive appearance. In our clinic we use Volux to structure the chin – a jawline and correct it to your wishes.
The filler Voluma is suitable for the recovery and application of volume in the cheeks, cheekbones and temples. It has lifting properties and thus provides a fresher look. Due to the unique composition, the body breaks down the filler less quickly, so that the result lasts for a long time.

The filler Volift provides volume in the lips, fills deep wrinkles and can restore facial contours. It provides hydration, but also improves the structure and elasticity of the skin.

The filler Volbella has various applications. For example, it provides a subtle improvement of the lips, fills fine lines around the eyes, forehead and upper lip and can reduce puffiness. It gives virtually no swelling and provides a beautiful and natural result.

The skinbooster Volite provides hydration, but also improves the structure and elasticity of the skin. This ensures a reduction in fine skin in your face, but also in your neck, décolleté or hands.

Harmonica™ Lidocaine is the latest hybrid injectable from Allergan Aesthetics. This latest generation of collagen bio-stimulators contains calcium hydroxy patite (CaHa) which is dissolved in a crossed-linked hyaluronic acid (HA).  

Harmonica™ therefore has a twofold effect, intended for the improvement of soft tissue and the skin structure hour with the lifting effect of the hyaluronic acid.

  • CaHa works deep in the dermis and supports the growth of fibroblasts and the production of collagen 
  • The cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel gives a direct lifting effect and is malleable after injection so that shape and contour can be adjusted. 

HarmonyCa™ is applicable to:

  • Men/women with signs of ageing, generally at the age of 35 years
  • Patients who want to improve their skin structure
  • Patients with a mild deterioration of volume in the face
  • Patients who are already taking hyaluronic acid and are looking for a longer lifting effect
  • Patients suffering from a bad, structural support of soft tissue.

Do you have a mild or severe form of hair loss or thinning hair? Perhaps DR. CYJ Hair Filler from Caregen can be something for you. DR. CYJ Hair Filler is a preventive injection treatment. This hair filler works on the basis of a formula of 7 biomimetic (nature-identical) peptides and hyaluronic acid. The patented “Sustained Release Technology” ensures a sustainable and efficient release of these active ingredients. The hyaluronic acid provides hydration and elasticity of the scalp. Peptides ensure that the hair loss process is slowed down and hair growth starts again.

Botox®, also called botulinum toxin, is a natural protein that temporarily reduces the movement of muscles. By using botulinum toxin, wrinkles and crow’s feet can be softened or even disappear. In addition, it can be used to solve problems such as excessive sweating or grinding teeth. Botulinum toxin is injected directly into the muscle and has an action of about three months.