“I can’t change you, but I can improve you; monitor your aging process and slow down something where possible. I look for the right balance, with respect for your own anatomy and appearance because I aim for is to highlight what is extraordinary about each individual and what makes you “you”.

Driven and always striving for perfection, by choosing high-quality products and constantly upgrading my skills and expertise around my greatest passion: ‘the skin’.

‘With good enough we never change the world’,

Dr Elian Brenninkmeijer
Medical specialist dermatology and MD Codes™ expert”

In the clinic of Dr. Brenninkmeijer, a personal treatment with a natural result is paramount. She looks at your entire skin structure and then draws up a personal treatment plan. With the help of MD Codes™ we ensure the most natural result possible. These Medical Codes have a new perspective on cosmetic treatments and keeptrack of the structures and anatomy of the skin. The focus is on the cause of the problem and not directly on the effect as the face is a dynamic structure, and the key to a successful treatment is to make sure your face is “alive” and not static.

At Dr. Brenninkmeijer clinic, you can opt for a sustainable solution without compromising on how natural the final result looks. A treatment in our clinic is a constructive process in which we work carefully but at the same time passionately. In this way we create ties with our patients built on an individualized approach catering to their own needs, a solid environment of trust, and mostly high standards of professionalism and quality. Every skin and face is unique and deserves the right information, guidance and treatment.

The clinic of Dr. Brenninkmeijer can be found on the Zuidas in Amsterdam, an environment that has been seamlessly aligned with the identity and ambition of our clinic since 2012. For a number of years we have joined forces with De Zuidas Apotheek on the Gustav Mahlerlaan where dermatology plays a major role. Through this collaboration, our clinic meets the latest quality requirements for medication and medical devices and is placed within the right clinical context. As a patient, you have direct access to the necessary medication, high-quality skin care products and dietary supplements, which are regularly part of a total skin treatment.

In our clinic we believe each individual has his/her own extraordinary beauty. Our job consists of rectifying the signs of time but also those little imperfections that can further enhance your look and the way you truly feel. We like to work with the MD Codes™ simply because the philosophy of the codes fits seamlessly with our vision. 

Namely, that the causes of the problem and the entire skin and structure must be looked at. Injection techniques are often performed directly and based on the intuition of the doctor. This leads to unpredictable and non-reproducible results and only temporarily fights the symptoms. For example, think of just filling that one wrinkle or lip. It does not look at the underlying problem. This can make the result look unnatural.

Fortunately, in recent years we have seen an important change in this, for example in the form of the innovative MD Codes™ that we apply in our clinic. For the most optimal improvement of your appearance, we look at the cause and overall picture of your problem and less at the individual needs. We do not directly treat the wrinkles, but the zones and structures that are necessary to achieve your desired appearance and more importantly ensure you can smile, frown, or even laugh so hard without compromising your natural facial expressions.

Our goal is of course to achieve the best result for the client. Therefore, our method focuses on finding out the client’s motivation and to draw up a personal treatment plan. After an extensive consultation, both the dermatologist and client know exactly why we are going to treat these areas and indications and what the intended effect will be.